The Weirdos

St. Peter's N.S. Summer Camp 8 July 2009
Steve the superhero and Jim-Bob the hobo were sitting on the beach in Jim-Bob’s cardboard box.  They were plotting. 

“I want to get my revenge on Barack Obama – because he kidnapped my super-dog!” Steve cried.

“Are you mad? I can’t afford to go to Washington to help you get your dog back!” said Jim. 

“We can take your cardboard box and float there,” Steve said, “and we can make cardboard paddles…”

“Hey, hang on a minute, Steve, you’re a super hero,” Jim said. “Your super power is to walk on water and you’ve got super strength!  Why don’t you just carry us there yourself?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that…but, er…the thing about water is…ehhh…I’m, afraid to see my own reflection in the ocean, y’know?”

“No worries, mate,” Jim-Bob said, “you can wear a mask!”

Jim-Bob ran along the beach, grabbed a piece of driftwood, carved a face on it with his knife and decorated it with seaweed and shells.

“What d’you think?” he asked.

“Cool,” Steve said, and put it on...