Walter Versus Shigeru Miyamoto

St. Vincent's BNS, 1st Class, 150310
Giant Squid King lived in a giant haunted castle under the sea.

His best friend, a giant snake with 3 heads, lived in a different castle. It was called the Dead Castle.

Outside of the Dead Castle there was a yard called the Circle of the Dead.

Inside this yard was a zombie house with lots of tombs and gravestones.

Outside the zombie house there was a zombie. He guarded the house from intruders.

Giant Squid King came to the house to do battle with the Ghost shark with 100 Eyes.

His best friend, the 3 headed snake, came with him because the Ghost Shark was his worst enemy ever.

The 3 Headed Snake told the Squid King, “Be careful there’s a Ghost Shark behind you!”

 Squid King said back, “Thanks for helping me. Let’s get him!”