Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

St. Kevin’s National School, 4th Class, County Wicklow, 5th June, 2019

Deep in the forest, Neville the flying green pig who wears a snorkel is eating tree bark, when suddenly the entire forest explodes!!!

He knows his best friend Elvis is there, because he can smell bacon.

Neville takes a piece of crispy bacon off himself and eats it so that he doesn’t eat his best friend.

“RUN!” says Neville.

“I can’t walk.” Elvis replies.

Neville says, “Let’s get into a teleporter machine and fly to Malibu to meet Barbie!”

They get into a car, which is also a teleporter.

When they arrive in Malibu, there are loads of cows at Barbie and Ken’s house.

Neville is nervous.

Barbie and Ken bring Neville and Elvis to their friend’s house. 

They are going to learn to swim and do magic there.

However, they realize they need to get to the nearest hospital because Neville broke both of his back legs in the explosion, and can’t swim.

When he gets in the car, Neville accidentally sits on Elvis and says “Oh no! It’s not even breakfast time!”

The Barbie rover is going too fast, so they drive off the edge of a cliff!...