Violet the Ladybird with 700 Spots and Her Best Friend Zack the Caterpillar with 100 Zigzags

By Elsie, age 6 - Dublin

Violet the ladybird with 700 spots was on a lilypad in a pond, looking at clouds. She was looking at the shapes of all the clouds.

Then she got out of the pond to look for Zack her best friend - a caterpillar with 100 zigzags, to have a party.

But he was not at his house!  She walked one hundred metres and then met Zack.

Violet suddenly turned around and saw the field of flowers, her greatest wish.

Violet was super happy to see the field of flowers. But then something terrible happened.

A human came - her greatest fear.

The human started picking up all the flowers. Violet was very sad.

So then her best friend Zack the caterpillar said, “Let’s go to my house and have a party.”

Violet said, “Lovely.”

The End