The Vampire

St Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired
Alex the Vampire is on tour. He is the lead singer in the band Different Smells.

Gordon is Alex’s best friend and he plays the drums really loudly. Sometimes he plays the drums so loudly that he frightens everyone!

Alex and Gordon both look very unusual. Alex has spikey black hair and Gordon has blonde hair. Gordon is very tall and just a human being.

Gordon often thinks strange thoughts.

Alex the Vampire is already a world famous rock star with loads of fans. But he has a dream to be an astronaut and to travel to outer space.  He wants to make more music there.

Alex the Vampire is very shy and doesn’t like talking that much. When he talks he speaks in a low voice and whispers.

He finds touring very difficult and it makes him sick.  He decides to return to Australia.

Once back in Australia he goes travelling and spends all his money on clothes and jewellery and a new television. He doesn’t want to be recognised as a vampire so he buys regular clothes. He especially likes wearing black skinny jeans, hats, and a warm hoody jumper with a zip.

But he soon realises he has no money left. He asks his parents for money but they refuse. 
“No way,” they say. “Get lost and go to the bank”.

Alex is now poor.

So he has to make a tough decision. He realises he must go back to being a rock star.

At his first concert he meets a girl named Stephanie. He says “Hi, my name is Alex, pleased to meet you. What’s your name?”

“My name is Stephanie,” she replies. Stephanie is a really big rock fan. She is tall and thin with pale skin. She hates chocolate but likes water.

She is very pretty. Stephanie doesn’t know yet that Alex is a vampire. A few months pass and Alex decides to finally tell Stephanie the truth. He brings her on a trip to the mountains.

“I have something to tell you, I have a secret past…” 
Alex says. 

“But please don’t tell anyone else. I have tried to disguise myself for a number of years but I am a Vampire!”

Stephanie replies

“I believe in you Alex”.

Alex is so happy that he asks her to marry him.

Alex asks his friend Gordon to be his best man at the wedding.

After the wedding Gordon plays the bass guitar and his brother plays the keyboard piano.  Everyone dances, even all the other vampire guests. They have a great time. There is also a gorgeous chocolate wedding cake. Stephanie tries a bit and discovers that she actually loves chocolate!

Everyone admires Stephanie’s diamond ring – it’s very bling bling!

Gordon remembers Alex’s dream about being an astronaut.  As a wedding present he gives him a small clay model of a rocket ship. When Alex opens the toy rocket he finds two real tickets for space inside! This will be Alex and Stephanie’s honeymoon trip.

They have a wonderful time in space and on the moon. Alex even finds time to play music and makes a music video, filmed on the moon.

When the couple return to earth they live happily ever after in Dundalk.