Valerie Blue’s Secret Mission

St Kevin’s, Tarahill​, 5th class, County Wicklow, 25th October 2018

I was in a horrible dream with zombie leprechauns. It was blurry, but I remember them all screaming my name: “Valerie Blue”.

I screamed, and my mother came to my side. My mum had to tell me the horrible news that Fruit-Juice Man had died.

The only thing I had left of him was his last bottle.

Then, when I closed my eyes, I could see him as a zombie leprechaun.

The thought was racing through my mind:

“What if he came back as a zombie leprechaun?”

Just as I thought I could go back to sleep, my mum told me that I had to get ready for my “Pump up the Jam” session.

After that, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get to sleep anymore.

A few nights later, my mum came into my room.

“Goodnight!” she said, but her voice sounded different.

“You’re not my mum!” I shrieked.

“I know! Fruit-juice man didn’t die!”

Then she jumped out the window…