The Unstoppable Bladder

Castle Park School, Dalkey. 6th Class
Fred the fire extinguisher and Frederick the fire truck were in a cave, fighting a fire-breathing dragon.  They had been running away from the evil police car and found the dragon when they tried to hide. 

They had almost put out the fire when Frederick leaked some oil and made the fire worse. 

“Uh oh, not again!” exclaimed Frederick.

“You’ve got to get that bladder fixed,” said Fred. 

The dragon tried to kiss and make his teddy bear better but he breathed fire instead and set the teddy bear on fire.

Fred shot some foam into the dragon’s eyes and the dragon started running around.  The dragon then surrendered and said, “I want my mummy!” 

“I show no mercy,” Fred told him. 

The dragon was really scared of both Fred and Frederick, so he offered to give them everything he owned, including his most prized possession, his teddy bear. 

Then Frederick leaked all over the teddy bear and the dragon started to cry.

Fred and Frederick heard the evil police car’s sirens and they both said, “This is just not our day.” 

The evil police car was moving at full speed towards them. Frederick leaked some more oil and the evil police car spun out and crashed into the dragon. 

The police got out of the car and arrested the teddy bear for being on fire in public. 

Fred and Frederick used the distraction of the teddy bear to get away...