The Under Sea Trouble

Scoil Thomais, Castleknock. 4th Class
Once upon a time, under the deep blue sea, in the Great Barrier Reef, two friends Ollie the Octopus and Ellie the Starfish were swimming around.

They spotted the King of the Reef, who was a great white shark, approaching a seal.

A poisonous sea serpent swam towards the shark slyly, and bit the shark’s fin. The shark turned around and with the last of his energy he bit the sea serpent and got electrocuted.

The shark fell to the bottom of the reef and the Sea Serpent then became King of the Reef.

Ollie and Ellie swam as fast as they could back to the Coral Town and told everyone “we saw a vicious fight!”

The Walrus Cops were asking questions. “We hear the King of the Reef has been killed by a killer whale,” they said.

Just then the serpent came into town and said “I’ve killed the King of the Reef!” but nobody believed him.

Then the vicious killer whale swam up and said proudly, “I killed the King!”

The killer whale and the serpent started to fight.  

Then the Penguin SWAT Team arrived and broke up the fight and arrested the killer whale.

Ollie and Ellie watched the whole thing and decided to go back to try and find where the body of the dead King had gone. It had disappeared. But then they saw the serpent with the body of the dead shark in his mouth. He hid under the multi-coloured coral bed of the sea.

Ollie and Ellie followed, and spied a whole gang of sea serpents gathered around the bed.

Squidly the Sea Serpent said “Here is the body of the dead king – I have killed him!”

Then the whole gang munched him up and by the time Ollie and Ellie got there it was too late. There were only bones left.

The two friends went back to Coral Town and told the rest of their friends what they had seen….