At Uncle Barry's House

Fighting Words at The Jonathan Swift Festival, Creative Writing Workshop, City Assembly House, 23 November 2019

There was a scream, like someone in pain.

Lydia and Charlotte were in what used to be called the drawing room but was now just used for storage.

“OMG what just happened!?” whispered Lydia, jumping out of her seat.

“Dunno,” shrugged Charlotte, not looking up from her tablet.

She hadn’t heard anything.

“It sounded like someone screamed!”, squealed Lydia starting to pace and look around.

“Can’t be Mum and Dad.

They won’t be back until tomorrow,” said Charlotte.

Their parents were in London and Lydia and Charlotte were staying at Uncle Barry’s old Georgian house.

“Oh no, we must be haunted”, said Lydia. “I knew the rumors were true”.

“Yeah we must be,” said Charlotte, rolling her eyes.

“Don’t be a baby -  ghosts aren’t real”.

Just then they heard the scream again, but this time it was closer. Charlotte put her tablet down.

“Why is this happening to me!” Lydia whined.

“It’s probably just the pipes,”, said Charlotte trying to hide her fear…