The Two Superdogs

St Laurence O'Toole GNS 2nd Class , 17th February 2009
There once was a puppy called Jessie. More than anything else, she wanted to find her eight brothers and sisters. She was terrified of dognappers.

One day, Jessie was very lonely. She saw another dog.

She barked at him. “Would you play with me?”

“Yeah, we can go play,” said Pebbles. “I know where your brothers and sisters are. We can go find them.”

They started running, and all of a sudden they flew up into the air! They didn’t know that they were superdogs.

A flock of birds was passing by Jessie and Pebbles. Two birds knocked into them. Their tiny feet got caught in the zips on the back of the dogs’ collars. This made capes come out of their collars. They hadn’t known about those, either!