The two snakes versus the chipmunk

St. Philip the Apostle S.N.S, 2nd Class, 20th November 2012
One day Scrape the Fire Breathing Snake and his best friend Jake the Ice Breathing Snake were in the forest around mid day. 

They were playing hop scotch by bouncing on their tails, because snakes don’t have legs.
Unfortunately they got into a fight because Scrape tried to take Jake’s turn.

Jake pushed Scrape further into the forest because he was so angry with him. 

Suddenly, Chippy the Karate Chipmunk jumped out of his hole in the ground and landed right in front of Scrape’s face, because when Scrape landed he had disturbed Chippy.

Jake came over to try to explain but Chippy wouldn’t listen and he began to do karate moves at them.
“I’m going to get you!” he shouted.
Scrape and Jake were so surprised that they fell off their tails onto the ground and landed right in front of Chippy!