The Two Lost Friends

Scoil Thomais, 4th Class, 23rd October 2012
It all happened a year ago.Bamboo the panda lost his parents when his village was being destroyed by the hunters.

Bamboo felt very sad; he felt so sad he felt like giving up.

But, a few weeks later, just as he was waking up, he met a squirrel called Lulu.

At first, the panda and squirrel were afraid of each other. But then, Lulu said “Hi, what’s your name?” The panda replied, “My name is Bamboo and what is yours?”

The little squirrel jumped around and muttered, “My name is Lulu and I got lost as well when my village was destroyed.” Bamboo replied, “ I will help you find your parents if you help me find mine.”

They decided to go on a journey to New York. They met a little magical bird. 

The bird’s feathers were green,yellow,pink,and purple.

The bird also had a  luminous orange beak.

When the bird stretched out his wings and  flapped really hard, he turned into a giant hawk.

The bird said, “American Airlines at your service.”

The panda and the squirrel asked the hawk if they could have a lift to New York....