The Two Lost Friends

St Mary’s B.N.S, Rathfarnham, 6th Class, 22nd October 2012
In a Ugandan zoo, a chimpanzee called Norris is talking to his good friend the orange lemon named Boris.

They are talking about the weekend’s sport results.

Boris says, “You won this round.”

They had made a bet about who would win the All-Uganda Curling Final.

Norris says, “LOL, I knicked your money!”

Philip the zookeeper walks in and says in his fierce Scottish accent, “I’ll take that money!

Boris notices that his old friends the square watermelon and the multi-coloured apple are also in the fishtank.

Norris wants to help, but he is terrified of fish with French accents. He gets his wife, Doris, to help because she is a tough cookie.

Doris simply punches the fishtank.  The fish and the fruit fall down the drain, into the sewer.

Philip shouts down the drain to the fish, “ Don’t lose them! Get ‘em, boys!”