The Two Best Friends

St.Raphael’s Primary School, 5th Class, 12th September 2012
Once upon a time there was a dog called Bob who could talk but he didn’t want anyone to know.

Bob’s dream was to be a turtle.  He lived in Florida beside a water park.  His best friend was Millie the talking cat.  Bob met Millie at the water park. She was drowning in the pool and Bob saved her.

She was a stray cat and they become best friends.  She had a broken paw so Bob looked after her. This was when he decided he wanted to be a turtle.  

Bob was afraid of clowns because the clowns from the water park tried to steal him and Millie after he rescued her.  The owner of the fun fair was a clown as well. 

Bob practiced being a turtle quite a lot in the big pool in the water park - he sneaked in under the fence.  One day, the clown heard him talking to Millie after he came back from practice.

“Are you okay, Millie?” Bob asked.

“Yes,” said Millie. “But there’s no food or bandages left.”
“The owner has left for the circus so we’ll have to get them for ourselves,” Bob replied.

They went off to the fun fair to get more food and bandages when the clown appeared...

To be continued...