Trouble In Kitchen Land

St. Enda's National School, 13/4/10, 5th and 6th Class
It all happened so fast in a  land far away called Kitchenland. I saw her coming out of the fridge. She was the nicest thing I ever saw. She looked so sweet.

It was Candy Girl. She was  really fat, she had chocolate brown hair, with a pink body, and a liquorice smile.

In Kitchenland there is only one hero and that is me – Frying Pan Man.

I look after the kitchen. I am master of the kitchen.

I babysit the spoons. The land is always steamy when I come out of the washer.

All of a sudden out of a drain in the bathroom crept up behind  me, my arch enemy Sponge Man and he squirted Fairy liquid at me.

Suddenly Candy Girl came and used her liquorice to tie up Sponge Man.

He throws something in the air and it goes shhhhhshhhhshhhh! A lemon goo comes out of it. He covers up me, Frying Pan Man.

 Candy Girl spits out chewing gum and she sticks Sponge Man to the wall. I am being washed by the lemon bomb and he is sizzling for help….