Trish the Fish with a Wish

St. Anne’s Loreto Primary School, Navan, 6th Class, 8 November 2021

It was at this moment that Trish the Goldfish knew she had to face her greatest fear. The water was near. She was one flop away.

A quick thought flashed through her mind. “I really need to get out of this 7- Up.

Trish lived in a pet shop with mini sharks in a tank full of 7-Up.

The mini sharks were all quite unpleasant -  except for one, whose name was Johnny.

The other mini sharks bullied Johnny for being nice to Trish. The mini sharks bullied Trish because she only had one eye.

Bartholomew the Giraffe, who also lived in the pet shop, was actually a wizard. He had started as an astronaut’s soft toy.

“Trish, if you can get to the moon and get me the magic water, I will grant you your wish for another eye.

Then the sharks will stop bullying you,” he said.

“Okay,” replied Trish. “I just need a way to get out of the pet shop.”

“Perfect!” cried Bart with excitement. “I have the ideal plan.”

“But,” said Trish. The happiness started to drain from Bart’s face.

“Oh, no!” he groaned. “ There’s a ‘but.’”

“You know I’m afraid of water,” Trish said, trembling with fear.

Meanwhile the mini sharks overheard the conversation.

They had an idea...