A Tripod in a big world

St. Finbarr’s B.N.S, Cabra West, 5th/6th Class, 22nd November 2012
Once apon a time there was a young guy called Edward Geekskin. 

He lived in Ballymun flats before they where knocked down with his hamster Timmy. 

One day Edward went to the local butcher to get a pound of rashers for Timmy.

Little did he know that Timmy came along in his pocket. 

The butcher was a big old man called Pork Chop. Ever since his accident in the army years and years ago his eye sight was not great. Pork Chop was missing two fingers which he had accidently cut off while chopping up some steaks. 

This time as Edward was waiting for his rashers Timmy crawled out of his pocket and up onto the counter.

He was trying to get a bite of the rashers. At that moment Pork Chop saw him and because he was a little bit blind he thought he was a sausage.

“MMM”, he thought to himself, “that must be one of those new german sausages that we brought in. I better chop it up.”

He took out his cleaver and took a swipe at Timmy. Timmy copped it and jumped out of the way but not fast enough.

He had lost one of his legs. “Ah here”, said Edward “leave it out.  Thats my hamster you are after chopping.” He picked up Timmy and ran to the vet with him. As he ran he said “can you see a bright light Timmy? Don’t go near the light.”

Later the vet said to Edward “I was able to save his life but unfortunately because you left the leg in the butcher he will have to be a tripod from now on.”

“Dont worry” Edward said to Timmy/Tripod “I will go back to the butcher and get that leg for you.” But by the time he got back the butcher had already sold the leg to a scary girl called Trudi who lived in the flats across from Edward.