A Trip to Hawaii

St Oliver Plunkett School​, Malahide, 4th Class, 12th December 2019

Once upon a time there was a black and white cat called Vincent.

Vincent’s best friend Pigsly the Pig got him tickets to Hawaii. He missed the plane.

Just then, all the lights went off except for one. Vincent was so scared that he called a private jet.

As he was boarding the plane, Vincent saw a pizza slice under the light.

Vincent went to check what it was and a pig fell from the light and started to hula hoop.

His best friend Pigsly joined in hula hooping.

Vincent the black and white cat saus, “How dare you! You traitor!”

Pigsly replied, “Sorry, I just love to hula hoop.”

So Vincent tried hula hooping and he loved it. But then he failed at it.

Vincent hissed at Pigsly and the pig hula hooping with pizza slices.

BOOM! Suddenly, Vincent fainted.

When he woke up, he was in a hospital in Hawaii.

When his eyes adjusted, Vincent saw Pigsly staring at him.

He said in a confused voice, “Why am I here?”

“Because the hula hooping pig hit you with the hoola hoop,” said Pigsly.

Vincent said, shaking, “I’m terrified of pigs hula hooping with pizza slices.”

“It was quite funny,” said Pigsly, laughing.

Vincent gave him a dirty look but then started laughing...