Triangle Trouble

North Dublin National School Project, Ballymun Road, 5th Class, Friday 2nd March
The wind was howling and Katie had to go to school. 

She remembered yesterday in chemistry class when her experiment went totally wrong, it exploded in her face.  The whole class had laughed at her.

“I hate this place,” Katie muttered to Naomi.
Katie had never been very good at chemistry and yesterday it all got too much. 

She couldn’t help but run out of the classroom.  She went to her favourite tree in the school playground and noticed herself humming an old tune her mam used to sing to her.

“I wish she was here,” she thought to herself.   She turned to Naomi.  “I know she’s still there, no matter what the police say.”

“Maybe she still is there, Katie,” said Naomi.  Katie sighed and went back to class - this time it was geography.

“This is one of the most deadly areas of sea,” announced the teacher in a low voice, “and no one has ever survived it.”
“Well, Katie’s mam did,” Naomi interupted. 

Katie had had enough, and she knew this time she would have to prove everyone wrong...