To the Top of the World!

Balbriggan Educate Together National School, 2nd Class, 29 November 2011
Once there was a pink pop star monster called Pessica and she loved to sing. She lived in Drogheda in a house made of diamonds.

Her best friend, Juice Head, lived next door and there was a magic door connecting the two houses. It was disguised as a bookcase. To open it you had to pull down a book called Friendship.

One day, a giant spider came to the town. He was hungry and he followed the smell of lasagne. The people gathered up all the food in the town to give to him. Unfortunately, they also gathered up Juice Head!

When the spider had collected all of the food in Drogheda and stored it in his mouth, he ran away.  He went back to his lair on Mount Everest. Little did he know that Pessica was clinging to his leg!

“How am I going to save Juice Head?” she wondered as they ran.