Tom's Fishy Ambition

Pope John Paul II National School, Malahide, 16th March 2011.
There was once a fish allergic to water.  He was called Tom. 

He had a best friend who was a horse with a pink mohawk.  His name was Snivel Bottom. 

Tom lived in a hamster ball full of soya milk.  He had to wear heat vision goggles to see as the milk was white and he couldn’t see out.

Snivel Bottom was a good friend, and showed Tom around.  He was his eyes and ears. 

Tom’s greatest ambition was to become a seafood critic.  In fact, he wanted to be the best seafood critic around.

He loved seafood, but he had a few problems. He couldn’t taste the food properly. 

 It all tasted of soya milk!  This was because of his allergy to water. 

He didn’t have many friends because he always smelled of soya milk and because he liked fish fingers.  The other fish didn’t like their friends and family being eaten.

Tom really wanted to get rid of his allergy.  He went to see a wizard scientist who was a dog called Jilly Billy.

Jilly Billy lived up a mountain in a fort called Fort Chewing Bone.  It was made out of bones stuck together with chewing gum. 

When he got to the fort Tom said, “hi Jilly Billy.  Do you have any medicine for my allergy? 

 I want to be able to go into the water and have more friends.  I also want to see my family. 

I also want to fulfill my dream of becoming the best fish food critic around!”

Jilly Billy asked Tom to do a test in order to get the medicine…