Tommy's Nightmare

​Scoil Cholmcille, Ballybrack, County Wicklow, 5th class 27th February 2018

One Baltic night Taco Tommy was in Taco Bell being created.

But the creator messed up and put in too much hot sauce.

After Tommy came out of the scorching oven he grew arms and legs.

“Oh fudge! What a hot mess!” shouted the creator Ramsey Taco.

“Oh my sacred heart” replied Tommy. “I have hot sauce saliva dripping from my shell.”

Franco the sausage man was in the bin outside Taco Bell the same that Tommy got put in to.

“Oh bangers and mash! Who are you?!?” shouted Franco.

“I’m Taco Tommy and you look greasy. Where are you from?” replied Tommy.

“I’m from Greasy Grove,” says Franco.

Just then Pepperami the pizza pulled in in his evil dump truck.