St David’s Boys National School, Artane​, 5th Class, 17 January 2019

Once upon a time in a wondrous land of Krispy Cremes, it all started with Toby the Big Bear in a cave.

Toby was eating his daily dose of honey when he decided he was tired and went to sleep in his “bed” (it was made out of stone).

Toby’s 96-year-old granny, who used a wheelchair, lived with him.

She woke him up to tell him that his best friend Michael Curry Chips, the disgusting ugly dragon was outside.

Toby and Michael Curry Chips were counting their honey coins and they realised that they had enough to get a legendary Big Mac and chips - each!

They heard Big Billy the Small Bear, their arch-nemesis, outside the door.

Big Billy the Small Bear whipped out a potato knife from out of nowhere and threw it at them.

“Give me all your honey coins or else!” said Big Billy.

Michael Curry Chips ate the potato knife because he’s Michael Curry Chips.

Suddenly, however, Michael Curry Chips fell to the ground because the potato knife was poisonous…