The Toaster of Doom

Griffeen Valley Educate Together, 2nd Class, 28/06/10
One day there was a cheese robot. He met a friend named Robot Toast. They went for a walk.

While they were on their walk they saw lots of mice.

They found a portal and went to Cheese and Toast Land. They skated on Cheese and Toast Boards down a big Cheese mountain.

Robot Toast fell into a toaster. He almost got burned.

Robot Cheese used his stretchy Cheesestring arms and pulled Robot Toast out.

His arms started to melt. “I’m meeeeelting!”, yelled Robot Cheese.

“STOP!”, screamed Robot Toast.

 “You’re making Cheese on Toast”, he said in a Scottish accent.

The mice could smell the cheese from far away.

“I smell Cheese on Toast”, said the Mouse King.