The Title of the Story

Our Lady of Victories BNS Ballymun 5th & 6th Class 30th March 2011
Smokey McPott was shopping in Tesco when he thought he heard a cabbage talking.

The cabbage was talking to his neighbour the eggplant. “That there woman was reaching for me, and I knew that she was going to take me back to her kitchen to chop me up.

So I thought, ‘oh no, that ain’t happening.’ So I asked my friend Orange to come and roll me over and she did. So she took another cabbage, and I kind of felt bad for my cabbage brother.”

The eggplant said, “that’s a crazy story bro.  That never would have happened.”

So Smokey said, “woah, I like your attitude.  Can I put you in my trolley?”

“My name’s Jeffrey. You can take me home on one condition. If you chop me up, my cabbage brothers will avenge me.”

Smokey didn’t have any money, so he put Jeffrey down his trousers and ran out of Tesco. Jeffrey said, “woah man.  That was totally off the hook.”

Smokey’s brother Bob, the Tesco security guard started chasing after them shouting, “come back with that cabbage!”

Fifteen minutes later Smokey and Jeffrey were walking down the road in Ballymun.  Smokey saw a woman with a chihuahua in her handbag. He said, “give us a look at your dog!”

As she gave him the dog, she said, “his name’s Benjamin.”

Then Smokey tried to run off with him. The woman tripped Smokey up and he dropped the dog. Jeffrey fell to the ground and injured one of his leaves.

Just then Bob finally caught up with them…