The Tiger and the Wizard

St Joseph's , 28th January 2009
Once upon a time, there was a wizard called Jack. What he loved most in the world was money. He was afraid of having no money. He was afraid of tigers too.

Jack was in a coffee shop when he saw a lady called Dana.

Jack said “hi Dana, would you like to come out to dinner some night?”

“Yes please, I would be delighted to” said Dana.

“I will treat you to dinner with all the money I have” Jack replied.

Then Dana saw a tiger, and she said “what’s that tiger doing in the coffee shop?”

Then a superhero came in. His name was Lorcan. He sailed in on his flying horse called Crash. Suddenly, Crash crashed into Dana. Then Lorcan jumped off Crash, and saved Dana. Jack was heartbroken.

Then Lorcan came to Dana and said, “hi, my name is Lorcan, and you’re a very nice lady”. Dana said “thanks”. Lorcan asked dana out to dinner.

Just as Lorcan and Dana were eating their chicken and vegetables, the tiger jumped up on the table and then on Dana’s head, and eats her and runs out of the coffee shop! Jack was roaring crying.

But, Dana has a cousin. Her name is Susan. She saw Jack crying, and she took pity on him. And Jack shot the tiger with a gun.

“I’m outta here”, said Lorcan, “you’re on your own”. Jack and Susan were left on their own with the dead flying horse.
The End.