Thompson's Toilet Terror

​Scoil Naomh Bride, 4th, 5th and 6th class County Wicklow, 5th October 2017

ONCE upon a time there was a unicorn wizard called Thompson; his greatest wish was to own a mini pet unicorn.

His only friend, was Steve the horse.

They lived in an old house in Knockananna, China.

It was upside down.

On Monday, Thompson found Steve the horse in a deep forest, when he was doing spells.

He was training to defeat the magical toilet monster (he shoots poop, and toilet paper!).

“Hi Steve, what’re you doin’,” said Thompson.

“You’ll have to come quick, the upside down house is after turning right side up!” replied Steve.

“But, Steve, I’m training to defeat my greatest fear – the toilet monster,” Thompson said.

The unicorn wizard then tried to do a spell on a tree and accidentally turned it into a baby unicorn.

Suddenly the baby unicorn turned into the toilet monster, shouting: “Sah dude. It’s me!”

The monster started throwing toilet paper. . .