There IS life on Mars!

St. Patricks National School, 5th Class, 26th September 2012
Sugar the doughnut was made by a doughnut machine in a bakery on Mars.

A scientist bought her and brought her to life in his laboratory by filling her with magic chocolate.  

“Daddy!” yelled Sugar. “Don’t put sprinkles on me yet or I’ll run away!”

“What are you going to do about it? I’ll just eat you anyway!” said the scientist.

Sugar jumped down off the table and said, “I’m too young to die!”

Sugar ran outside.  As she was leaving the scientist called after her, “Good luck! You’re going to fall off the edge of Mars.” He thought Mars was flat.  

When Sugar got outside, she saw Neil Armstrong outside his rocket.  He was on his lunch break and about to dip a bagel in a cup of coffee.

“This is one small bite for man and one giant chomp for mankind.” Neil said.  

Sugar was terrified of being dipped in coffee and didn’t want it to happen to anyone else.  She knew she had to save the bagel.  

Sugar rugby tackled Neil Armstrong and chocolate started shooting from her eyes.  “How did I do that?” said Sugar. “Cool!”

A bit of chocolate had landed on the bagel, which brought it to life.  Neil looked at the doughnut and the bagel and said, “I’m never eating a doughnut or a bagel again.”

“Come on,” said the bagel, “My rocket’s over here.  I’ll explain everything on the way.”

Sugar and the bagel (whose name was Bailey) got in the rocket and turned on the radio.  It was tuned to 98FM and “Sugar Sugar” was playing...