Their Fear is Mud

By Isibéal age 10 from Dublin

A few days ago I was speaking to my Aunty Irma over the telephone. We were chatting about Olivia and when she was due. That's when it all began. I arrived at Irwa's, a cottage in the countryside, it was so familiar for me. I loved to help out, I was fascinated about the visit. "I couldn't be more happier that a pig in mud", I kept saying. 

I was talking about Olivia. During the night there was some strange noises coming from the pigsty enclosure outside. I said to myself "I will find out tomorrow". My head sunk into my soft cotton white billow and my eyes started to drift off to my dream world.

I woke up with the sound of a rooster, COCK A DOO DLE DOO! and I hear Alexis and Sophia the goats coming down from the steep grassy hells, for their morning snack. I waited for my alarm​ clock to ring, but for some reason, it didn't ring. I decided not to waste anymore precious time. I quickly put on my fluffy white slippers, and my cosy violet dressing gown.

I ate my breakfast faster than a cheetah. I raced out of the cottage door only to realize I stepped in chicken wet fresh poo poo...ooh! I had not put my wellies on. I changed into my wellies and ran back outside to free the pigs and Olivia.

I heard a strange banging noise coming from the pigsty. I rushed to open the door and to put these tiny wellies on the twin piglets Issy and Jo. It took a while to put them on. They were wriggling like garden worms. Yes I shouted, I got them on! We waited by the fence and watched the piglets JO and Issy do their trot run out of the pigsty into the mud.

Their greatest fear of mud was over. My aunty Irma and I looked at each other and said "Happy as a pig in mud" .

The End