Terry’s Tale!

St. Patrick’s GNS, Hollypark, Foxrock, 5th Class, Wednesday 26th October 2012
Terry the Pumpkin and Nick the Knife are best friends. Nick carved Terry’s face for him.

Terry knows an avocado called Shelly and he has a huge crush on her! She hates him because he is orange and she is green and they don’t mix. Shelly is in love with someone else -  Nigel the eyeball. Nigel is Terry’s mortal enemy.

Terry the Pumpkin lives on a fence at a haunted house. Nick the Knife lives in the kitchen of the haunted house.

Every time Shelly sees Terry and Nick, she throws Nick’s children at Terry (because they are knives). Sometimes if she is extra angry she throws highly explosive fruit grenades at Terry!

Shelly lives in the fruit bowl in the kitchen of the haunted house. Because of Terry, she has developed anger management issues. Every day, she takes special seeds from the pumpkin to calm her issues.

Nigel the eyeball is one big crimson eye and sits on an enormously tall chair in a silk robe cackling and furiously blinking because he has Shelly. He hovers when he moves. Sometimes he keeps her in a cage at night in case she rolls away. Nigel doesn’t really like Shelly, he just wants Terry the Pumpkin to feel rejected.

One day, Shelly ran out of chilli paste and she went to borrow some from Terry. When she got to his fence, she saw a shrine in her honour and she said, “Oh! I appreciate that!” but she whispered to herself, “Not!”

Afterwards, Shelly started coming out to Terry’s fence all the time to get her chilli paste and pumpkin seeds.

Terry wanted to visit Shelly in the kitchen but he couldn’t go alone because he had a broken vine. He had to ask Nick the Knife for help. Nick flew him into the kitchen to visit Shelly but then a cage came down and captured him!