Tennis Balls and Tentacles

St Patrick’s GNS Foxrock, 5th Class, 12 November 2012
Billy was watching a tennis match on the television.

Billy was a superhero octopus with 20 legs who wanted to become a tennis player. However, when Billy watched the tennis match, he winced every time the player hit the ball.  Although Billy wanted to be a professional tennis player, he had a great fear of tennis balls.

“They’re just so yellow and frightening,” he thought to himself. Then a yellow light flashed and he knew he had to go save another sea creature. Billy swirled around and his costume appeared. He wore an eye mask, a bow tie, and a cape.

Billy called for Fred, his monkey butler. Once Fred arrived, they jumped down the fireman’s pole into a submarine.

“We haven’t hung out for ages,” said Fred to Billy. “We should hang out more often.”
“Ya you’re right. Anything but playing tennis together,” replied Billy nervously.
“Why not tennis?” asked Fred as he steered the submarine towards the coral reef.

Billy switched on the firearms on the submarine and said, “I just don’t have a racket.” (Billy found his fear of tennis balls embarrassing and would rather keep it to himself, so he just pretended he didn’t have a racket.)

The two friends got out of the submarine and swam into a cave. Their mission was to rescue Ms. Pufferfish. She had inflated inside the cave and was stuck. As Fred and Billy approached, tennis balls suddenly started raining down on the two friends.

Billy screamed in a high – pitch voice and jumped behind Fred. Fred turned around and looked at his octopus friend slightly baffled...