Teddy's Big Adventure

Scoil Ide, Kilmore West. 4th Class, 26th February 2009
Mr Ted is a Teddy Bear that is alive but when people are there he pretends to be a normal Teddy Bear.

Mr Ted’s greatest ambition is to be able to go out to the real world but he is scared of the dark.

Mr Ted’s best friend is a girl teddy bear called Daisy.

Mr Ted is asleep on the window sill in Lucy’s bedroom. It is raining outside and the lightning wakes him up.

He gets a fright when he wakes up because he is afraid of the dark. He turns on the light and forgets that Lucy is in the room. Lucy thinks she is dreaming when she sees Mr Ted alive.

Lucy says ‘ Who’s there’? Mr Ted tells Lucy that she is dreaming and to go back to sleep.

Lucy’s mum comes in and says ‘ What’s all this yip yapping about’?

Lucy says to her mum that she had a bad dream and she was just talking in her sleep.

Lucy’s mum says ‘ Okay, go back to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow’....