Talking Pizza goes to the moon

Fighting Words at, ILF Dublin Party in the Park, 20 May 2018

The Talking Pizza was really angry at Bob the sausage astronaut.

Bob would not let the talking pizza go to the moon.

The Talking Pizza decided that he was going to secretly go anyway.

He was going to make a homemade rocket ship.

His friend Mr Noodle came over to help him.

“Help me make a pizza/noodle rocket ship.

A rocket ship that’s edible and that has an unlimited supply of pizza and noodles!” said the Talking Pizza.

“It’s totally and completely mad!’ said Mr Noodle. “Let’s do it anyway.”

So they went to the shop to buy lots and lots of pizzas, and lots and lots of noodles.

Some of the pizzas smelled bad. And then a girl called Nora came along and ate all the noodles!

The Talking Pizza and Mr Noodle they went back to the shop to buy an everlasting supply of noodles in a box that never got empty. 

They built their rocket and went to the moon.

On the moon they saw an alien, trying to turn the whole moon into a ginormous meatball.

There was an alien dog trying to stop it.

Suddenly The Talking Pizza and Mr Noodle heard their rocket rattle.

They turned around and saw Bob the sausage-astronaut trying to get away with an army of evil clowns…

Dun dun dun!