Tales of The Fast Food Seas

Fighting Words, Maynooth University, Workshop 2, 19 January 2019

Captain Chicken Nugget was sailing the Mc Donald’s high seas on the way to Live Aid.

Suddenly, Mr. Potato’s mayonnaise cannon attacked.

This was the first time Captain Chicken Nugget looked into Mr Potato’s cold, dark eyes.

Suddenly, Jammy the Jam Jar jumped onto Captain Chicken Nugget’s ship. x

Nugget started coughing and sneezing. He was about to die.

His best friend, Taco Steve, came in and saved him by kicking Jammy into next week and giving Captain Chicken Nugget medication prescribed to him by the pharmacist.

As they watched Jammy the Jam Jar float into the horizon, Captain Chicken Nugget turned to Taco Steve and said “He just got battered!”

Suddenly, Mr Potato blew a hole in the bottom of the ship and it started to sink…