The Tale of Gruff and Pebble

Drumcondra NS, 4th, 5th, 6th class, 3rd June 2021

There was this dogo called Gruff and he was digging in a pile of leaves in the early 1950s when he found a hedgehog.

The hedgehog spiked his nose and he yelped in pain. 

Gruff brought him inside and the owner gave him a cage and some food. 

“We’ll bring him to the vet’s next week and we’ll see if he’s okay,” said the owner. 

Suddenly the hedgehog started wheezing. 

“We need to rush him to the vet’s now,” said the owner.

Then the vet gave him some medicine and he was okay. Then the owner remembered that Gruff had a vet appointment for tomorrow. 

Gruff also remembered and was pretty nervous and upset about it. All he could think about was the vet’s.

He wasn’t very happy. 

Later that night, Gruff got out of his bed. He was shaking because he was so nervous about going to the vet’s.

He jumped and pushed the living room door open. 

Then the hedgehog came out of his cage and asked Gruff, “Are you alright?”

“What’s your name?” Gruff asked. 

“My name is Pebble,” said the hedgehog. 

Early the next morning, Gruff hid from his owner because he didn’t want to go to the vet.

All of a sudden, they got a phone call from their dear friend, Negative Narwhal. 

“Bob the Olive is in trouble,” said Negative Narwhal.

Gruff ran out the door to save Bob the Olive...