Tale of The Flying Table

​Wicklow Montessori, 3rd - 5th Class, County Wicklow, 23rd May 2017

One day Jeff the eejit was face-down on his table eating cereal.

Suddenly the table smashed and he cried because it was his best friend.

His mum brought him to the shop to buy a new table. 

As he was walking by a table in the table shop he heard a table say, “Get me out of here!” 

Jeff noticed that the bottom of the table-leg was dented. 

“Why is your leg dented?” he asked. 

“I got into a fight with a racoon. The racoon won.” 

“Can you fly?” Jeff asked.

“If you get me out of here I’ll show you,” said the table. 

“Mum I want to buy this table,” Jeff spontaneously and excitedly said. “Sorry dearie, it’s too expensive so I can’t give it to you,” she said in her western accent. 

After ten minutes of blabbering, Jeff finally convinced his Mum to buy the table. He bribed her by agreeing to do his homework for a week. 

“I’ll call you Tableleg,” said Jeff to his new friend.

That evening in Jeff’s bedroom, Jeff sat down at Tableleg to do his maths homework: it was way too difficult so he threw it across the room. 

“Show me how you can fly,” Jeff said.  

Tableleg said, “Open the window and I’ll show you.” 

Tableleg shot out of the window and cried, “I’m free!”

Suddenly a racoon burst into the room holding a massive potato gun and shouted, “This is a stick-up!”….