Table Apocalypse

Gaelscoil na Phadraig, 5th Class, Ballybrack, Fighting Words Wicklow 15 December 2020

Once upon a table, Mark the man with chair legs was walking down the road and saw a crab.

While he was walking down the road, he slipped and fell. The crab waddled and rolled to Mark and pinched him on his wooden leg. 

“Ow,” he shouted. 

Another crab walked over and said, “sorry, that’s my brother, Tim. He’s not very nice. My name is Jerry by the way, what’s your name?”

“That’s okay, no problem,” said Mark. 

“Oh my tables! You chipped my wooden leg,” said Mark dramatically. 

“You can come to my house and have some coffee at our table,” suggested Jerry.

“No! I’m afraid of tables!”

“We can grant you two wishes and save your chipped wooden leg.”

“Really, okay!” Mark was surprised but also excited and energetic. 

“I demand you to fix my leg right now!” yelled Mark. Suddenly, he became angry and grumpy. 

Out of nowhere, Mark’s leg disappeared because he was being very mean and very rude.

Although he was mean, his second wish was to have a yellow dog who could teleport.

Suddenly, a yellow dog appeared. The dog helped Mark and teleported to a hospital to get his leg back. But, the doctor said it was too expensive and he couldn’t operate…