Swingo and the Cheesy Popcorn

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 28 November 2018

Swingo the dingo was looking for food in the outback of Australia.

He was searching for cheesy popcorn for his friend John the cow.

Swingo knew he would have to fight a kangaroo to get the popcorn. He had a stick strapped to his back.

Swingo walked past a tree and a kangaroo hopped out and attacked him.

Swingo scrambled into the tree. What he didn’t know was that there were trained squirrels in the tree.

The squirrels took his stick and broke it.

The kangaroo laughed at him and pulled some cheesy popcorn out of her pouch.

”If you want to get this cheesy popcorn, you’ve got to get past me and my army of squirrels.”

Swingo knew that all John the cow wanted for Christmas was popcorn.IT HAD TO BE CHEESY POPCORN.

Swingo thought he could bribe the squirrels with acorns.

He went to get his friends the cows for help. On the way he fell into a river -  Swingo didn’t know how to swim.

John the cow saw him struggling to swim from the riverbank...