Fionnbarra Naofa, Cabra, 5th Class, 13th February 2009
One day, a nine and a half year old boy called John arrived home from school. 

His Ma said, “You need to buy some new underpants because yours are all ripped from climbing up trees.”

When he got home from the shop, John put his new underpants on.  He realised suddenly that these were not ordinary underpants!  When he ran out the door he started getting faster and faster until he flew up a tree! 

John was able to fly!

The next day he was in school he told his best friend Supersocks that he now had superunderpants. 

The principal, Mr Jokeman, called John to his office.  He wanted to talk to him.

Mr Jokeman was bald with fat lips and red squeaky cheeks.  He had the biggest ears and nose that John had ever seen. 

John went in to the principal’s office.  The principal said to John, “You are very suspicious around the school. 

You’re on your last warning – I want no trouble from you.”

When John went back to his class, everyone was gone.  They had been kidnapped by the toilets. ...