Supersquirrel v The Out of Control Chipmunks

St. Patricks NS Glencullen, 2nd Class. 11 February 2010
One day Clumsy Princess Ellie and Neat Princess Daisy were having tea in their royal castle. Princess Ellie leaves so she can practice her horse riding.

All of a sudden some out of control chipmunks come running through the fields. They push her off her horse and kidnap her to the Out of Control Chipmunk HQ.

Neat Princess Daisy notices that Ellie is missing. Princess Daisy goes into a cavern looking for Ellie. The Out of Control Chipmunks come out and tie her up with a rope.

They take her to their HQ.

Both princesses are put in different cages, but both are hanging over a boiling pit of lava.

Suddenly, Supersquirrel wakes up and goes to the princesses castle. He finds a note from the Out of Control Chipmunks. It said, “Try find us if you dare!”

Supersquirrel gets in his jet (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, SUPERSQUIRREL!) and flies to the HQ. He uses his secret locator map to find it.

The Out of Control Chipmunks are going crazy jumping up and down when they see Supersquirrel......