Supercow vs. The Evil Girlfriend

Ballymun Rd. 2nd Class
At the beginning, Supercow attended a National School. He got sent to the principal’s office everyday. He ate the teacher’s dresses.

He escaped from the principal’s office when he tried to fly through the window.

Elvis the Marshmallow went to the same school. He tripped down the stairs. Supercow came to help him. Elvis was taken to hospital. He got some crutches.

Supercow and Elvis went home. Supercow’s girlfriend, Wanita, thought that Supercow had pushed Elvis. She thought he was evil and broke up with him.

Supercow said in a sad voice, “I didn’t do anything to my best friend!”

“I don’t care!!” said Wanita back angrily.

A meteor hit the earth with a radioactive hot dog in it. Supercow ate the radioactive hot dog. That’s how he got his super powers. Then he became REALLY SUPER Supercow.

Supercow fixed Elvis’ legs with his super powers. Elvis found the second half of the radioactive hot dog on the ground. He ate it and became Super Marshmallow Elvis.

Supercow walked home and tripped over a bucket of super milk.

Wanita was so fed up she got her friends together.  They decided they would pay back Supercow and Super Marshmallow Elvis for their evil deeds…