Super Mr Mc Conkey In Love

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, Ballymun,2nd class
Once upon a time there was a man called Super Mr McConkey who had a big nose and wanted a girlfriend.

He wanted to start a band with his best friend Mike the Rock Star,who had a crazy hairdo.

Mike could play the drums and electric guitar and Mr McConkey could sing and play guitar.One night, the friends went to a concert and saw a girl on stage singing and really liked her.

Super Mr McConkey said to Mike, “When the concert is over I’m going to talk to her.”Mike replied, ”No way!  She’s mine and I’m getting her first!”

When the concert was over, Mike pushed Super Mr McConkey off the stage!  Mike walks off stage with the girl.

Super Mr McConkey walked outside, very upset.  He saw that  it was dark and said “AAAGH!” and he ran back inside where it was bright.  

He realised that he was stuck inside and couldn’t get home!