The Sudden Disaster

St Fiachras SNS Beaumont 6th Class 10th February 2011
David the marshmallow was walking in the supermarket when he realised that what he really he wanted was to discover Chocolate Land. 

He caught the 16A bus to Caramella’s house. When he got off the bus, he was chased by ManBearPig. David ran to Caramella’s house and knocked on her door. 

Caramella opened the door and David grabbed her and they ran away from ManBearPig.

“I want you to know this,” David said. “If I die now, I want you to know . . .”

Suddenly ManBearPig grabbed David and Caramella was confused.

“David, what is happening?” she cried as she ran after him. Caramella had thought they were going to dinner together.

David screamed, “Let me go! Go!  Go! Oh, let me go!” Caramella knew there was something wrong.

If anything bad  was going to happen, she wanted to spend her last moments with him.

ManBearPig ran into a pole and dropped David.

“Wow, David, I have never seen this side of you before…and I like it!” Caramella said.

 David and Caramella went to kiss, but ManBearPig grabbed Caramella from his arms and ran off.