The Strange Journey

Culture Night at Fighting Words, 21st September 2012
George was an unusual foster child. His family were away all the time, but he was told that his parents supposedly died in a car crash, but George believed that they are still alive.

His foster family are eight-eyed zombies. George had a pet dog with a pumpkin head. At night, this head turned into a light bulb.

George had lots of ginger- coloured hair and long hairy armpits. George’s magic power was that he could go completely on fire without getting hurt and this gave him a special energy.

He had also got stretchy power!! This meant that he could stretch to different worlds.

George had a secret best friend that lived under the floor boards. He was a 20-foot KILLER cobra. When he was a little baby 10-foot cobra, he had no teeth, so they called him Toothless.

When George and Toothless wanted to chat, they met under a railway track and waited for everyone to be gone before they spoke.
“Could you help me find my parents?” said George to Toothless.

They were good friends, but sometimes, George didn’t trust him.

Toothless replied: “Only if we can go underground. My Mum and Dad live near the airport and we can travel easily from there.” George agreed and said, “That way, no one can see us.

Besides, people would get suspicious if they saw a 20-foot Cobra.”

The snake replied: “On one condition – if you carry me there!”

The two set off down the tunnel that snakes had already made...