The Story of Jupitron

Scoil Fhursa, Coolock, Dublin 5, 3rd/4th Class, 20th December 2011
 A long time ago, Super-Bat-Spiderman was on the planet Jupitron.

His best friend, Keith the Christmas pudding, was sitting in their rocket.

Meanwhile, aliens were trying to dig through the planet Jupitron to get to the gold in the centre. Super-Bat-Spiderman was trying to stop them!

“Stop, or else I’ll shoot a web at you!” He said. “If you do this, the Universe will explode!”

Super-Bat-Spiderman knew that there was very rare, very powerful energy in the centre of the planet.

If it wasn’t used properly, the rare and powerful energy could make a black hole that sucks in everything! 
Keith the Christmas pudding flew out of the rocket on his flying saucer and said, “Yeah, stop or I’ll throw flames at you!”

They both hid behind a rock where they could see the aliens.

“We’ll need to distract the aliens so I can get the energy source!”