The Story of Jimmy Wang Wang and Marcel

No. 1 National School, Wicklow, 19th February 2009
One day, Jimmy Wang Wang, a grumpy boy who wants to be a businesman and his best friend the big fat rat named Marcel, are down in the sewer.  Marcel is looking for food and Jimmy is looking for a good place to build a skyscraper. 

While they are walking around, they come across lots of poor people who are living in the sewers.  They looked very odd, because they are actually aliens disguised as poor people!

Jimmy immediately faints!  The aliens, disguised as poor people, say to Marcel, “Come to the dark side, for we have chocolate chip cookies!”  

The cookies are on the far side of the aliens, so Marcel, being a clever rat, says, “Comin’ through, ‘scuse me, by the way, love the hat,” and jumps over their heads to get to the cookies.

When he goes to get the cookies, the aliens try to catch them, Marcel says, “I have no knowledge of kung fu,” and gets the cookies. 

Marcel grabs the cookies and runs back to Jimmy because he thinks Jimmy must have fainted from hunger.  Marcel starts kicking sewer water onto Jimmy’s face.  Jimmy wakes up and says, ”Where am I?"

“In the sewer – we’re being attacked by aliens disguised as poor people!”

Jimmy screams with fright.  His jaw drops with shock, and he jumps up and runs away. 

Marcel finds a banana skin and throws it in front of Jimmy and stops him.

“Come back here!” he calls.  So Jimmy turns around, runs back to Marcel, grabs the cookies, and legs it again! 

“Come on!”  Jimmy cries, “I’ve got an idea!”

Jimmy has a coin in his pocket.  “Let’s talk to the aliens,” Jimmy says.  “You go first, Marcel.”

“Listen, aliens, if you give me the sewer to build my skyscraper in, I’ll give you this magic coin.”  

But Jimmy Wang Wang is tricking them – it’s a chocolate coin!

They don’t know that yet, so they take the coin – and it melts in their hands!  And they’re furious!

“SLKTHERIH THESKS THJSK!” the aliens shout in their own language.

Marcel and Jimmy are very frightened but they decide to trick the aliens again. ...