The Stalker Fights Back

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, Dublin 11, 3rd Class, 15 November 2021

The monster called The Stalker was at home in his office.

The Stalker was bored with his job of stalking people and that’s why he wanted to work in IKEA.

The Stalker was feeling angry at himself because he had applied for a job but hadn’t got it.

The Stalker’s best friend, Gray the T-Rex, worked at IKEA already.

The Stalker also knew that Bonnie the Princess worked there and he wanted to marry her.

One day, the Stalker knew there were interviews at IKEA.

The Stalker rushed to hop on the 175 bus to IKEA.

This time got the job! He was so excited.

On his first training day, the Stalker was in the mirrors department. He saw his reflection in hundreds of mirrors.

The Stalker’s greatest fear was his reflection in the mirror.

He smashed them all with a wooden chair because he was so scared.

Bonnie the Princess was The Stalker’s supervisor.

She said, “I don’t care if you’re new here. You’re fired!”

“I’m sorry,” said the Stalker. “Can I have one more chance...?”