The Spud Conflict

Wicklow Montessori School, 3rd/4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 22 April 2021

Once upon a time, there was a potato called King Potato who happily lived in Spud Castle in Potato World.

His greatest fear was farmers! His best friend was Bradley the Brocoli.

One day, Bradley came by the castle for lunch. 

“Hi, here is your cappuccino,” said Bradley.

“Thank you, Bradley. I have just finished planning my battle against the farmer, Deep Frier,” replied King Potato. He was tired.

King Potato wanted to get his revenge on Deep Frier who ate his brother, Dingo.

Dingo was just about to become king when he was turned into a chip.

They were talking about Dingo’s great life.

“He was a very kind potato who always helped others. He loved jumping out of soil,” King Potato said.

“Poor guy, he was a great potato,” Bradley replied.

“Let’s go see little Billy, my other brother who is great in the gym. I use him as my punching bag because I have really small arms.”

Billy lived on the balcony on top of Spud Castle. 

“What a spudtastic view,” said King Potato. He felt happy. 

Suddenly, he saw an army of carrots looking for help to fight against the farmers.

Behind the carrot army, nine hungry farmers followed them in their combine harvesters.

One by one, the combine harvesters sucked up all the potatoes and cabbages.

One of the farmers grabbed Bradley and cackled, “I haven’t had broccoli in years!”...