Spotty vs His Enemy

St Fiachra's Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class
Once upon a time, there was a flying fish named Spotty who had superpowers.

His best friend was Holly the singing, flying blob.Spotty played the electric guitar and wanted to join a rock and roll band called Fishlife. 

But there was an ant named Evil Ant who was much better than Spotty at playing the guitar and Spotty was afraid of him.

Fishlife were going to be holding auditions for a new member of their band the following week. Spotty was very eager to get into Fishlife.

Spotty asked Holly to help him practice for the auditions and to come and support him on the big day.

Evil Ant had also been practicing his various instruments. He was talented on the drums, the harmonica, and more!

The only thing Evil Ant wasn’t good at was being nice.

Evil Ant planned to go to the auditions as well and to get the spot on the band instead of Spotty