The Sponge Hero

Bayside SNS, 4th Class, 26/04/10
Once upon a time in a McDonalds not so far away president McCheese was ruler of Fast-Food Land.

Soon there will be an election going on and his best friend Jerry the sponge would be voting for him.

He went to Toilet City to visit his friend Jerry the Sponge who was bathing in the toilet jacuzzi. President McCheese ran into the door and screamed “Ouchies”.

While President McCheese was in toilet city, Perry the Pickle was making an evil plot. He was going to brainwash all of the sponges to vote for him.

Perry the Pickle sneaked out behind President McCheeses jacuzzi toilet and flushed it.

Perry the Pickle gives an election speech and says,”President McCheese has drowned-so I should be president”.
Perry the Pickle goes back to Fast-Food Land and finds somebody is allergic to pickles. He makes them think that burgers are poisonous to people so they won’t vote for McCheese.

Meanwhile President McCheese is walking in Drain City and he sees a fish. He convinces the fish to help him back Fast-Food Land….